• Diplodocus and Allosaurs

    The large sauropod Diplodocus fends off a trio of Allosaurs with its exceeding long, whip-like tail. The scene takes place in the basin flood plains of Dinosaur National Park in Colorado during the late Jurassic, some 150 million years ago.

    Pencil and graphite dust on 2-ply bristol, 18.5 x 24 inches, 1988.  From the book Dinosaurs, A Global View, 1990.

    Original artwork: sold

    Direct Sale
  • Jurassic Ichthyosaur

    The image depicts Stenopterygus, an Ichthyosaur (marine reptile) from the Jurassic of Germany some 150 million years ago. Both adults and juveniles are feeding on a densely clustered group of small cephalopods.

    Pastel on 140lb watercolor paper, 18 x 24 inches, 1992.  Commissioned by Natural History Magazine.

    original artwork: sold

    Direct Sale
  • Ornitholestes

    The image depicts the small Jurassic dinosaur Ornitholestes in a Morrison Formation flora of ferns, lycopods, cycads and large conifers in Wyoming 150 million years ago. Since this illustration was done, many finely preserved fossil specimens of small dinosaurs from China suggest dinosaurs like Ornitholestes were insulated in a cover of fine feathers. This illustration, then, is an example of the old naked chicken school.

    Pencil and graphite dust on 2-ply bristol, 13.375 x 18.5 inches, 1987.  From Dinosaurs, A Global View, 1990.

    Original artwork: sold

    Direct Sale
  • Stegosaurs Ambiance

    A group of Stegosaurs forage in a late Jurassic landscape of conifers, ginkgo and cycads along the log-strewn banks of a river in Colorado, a representation of the 150 million year old Morrison Formation.

    Pencil and graphite dust on 2-ply bristol, 17.5 x 27 inches, 1986. 

    Original artwork: sold

    Direct Sale
  • Dilophosaurus and Podokeosaurus

    The image depicts the large dinosaur Dilophosaurus together with a group of Podokeosaurs in an early Jurassic rift valley in eastern New York some 200 million years ago.

    Pastel on 140lb watercolor paper, detail from 20.375 x 21.5 inch work, 2002.  Commissioned by Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, New York.

    Orginal artwork: sold

    Direct Sale
  • Diplodocus and Two Allosaurs

    A Diplodocus is pursued by two Allosaurus in a Colorado flood plain during the late Jurassic, some 150 million years ago. An Ornitholestes looks on, while a few Rhamphorhynchus wing past.

    Pastel on 140lb watercolor paper, 14.5 x 27.75 inches, 2002.  Commissioned by the Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts.

    Original artwork: sold

    Not For Sale
  • Stegosaur Ambience--4 color off-set print
    This Jurassic scene was one of my first efforts having graphite work reproduced by 4 color off-set reproduction for sale, the illustration done in 1986 and printed in Bozeman in 1987.  Unlike my current Epson inkjet reproductions, this drawing was scanned on a drumscanner and reproduced on a commercial printing press. The reproduction does not exhibit the exaggerated contrasts that result from reproducing pencil work shot with and scanned from film that involved using polarizing filters to diminish graphite glare under bright lights.

    One of the framed reproductions was used in the sequel to Jurassic Park.  Other than this, I've not offered this reproduction for sale.  The whole 3000 print run remains in boxes, hauled about when moving and is now stored in the basement, long neglected.

    The image is 16 x 22 inches with a 2 inch paper margin, 20 x 26 inches total.
    Direct Sale
  • Camarasaur Trackway
    A group of Camarasaurs leave tracks along the muddy shore of a lake in Jurassic Colorado.

    Pencil and graphite dust on bristol, 12.5 x 15.5 inches, 1985. 

    Original artwork: sold
    Direct Sale
  • Ceratosaurs and Apatosaurus
    Two Ceratosaurs are drawn to the carcass of a dead Apatosaurus in Jurassic Colorado.  The dead-straight tail of the closer Ceratosaur in this illustration was no end of bother to a number of people.

    Pencil and graphite dust on bristol, 16.25 x 22 inches, 1989.  From the book Dinosaurs, A Global View, 1990.

    Original artwork: sold
    Direct Sale
  • Saltriovenator on early Jurassic Beach
    A Saltriovenator lopes past an ancient, stranded Podocarp trunk along a beach with srorm-tossed surf in early Jurassic Italy.

    Pen and ink wash, on 140lb watercolor paper, approx. 11 x 18 inches, 2020.  From the book Tethysahdros, Deep Time Artistic Studies and Visions, by Alberto Magri, 2021.

    Original artwork: sold
    Direct Sale
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