• Drawing on Stone
    Lithography is a printing process which involves drawing with greasy materials in the form of pencils, crayons and paste on dense, fine-grained stones--in fact, Jurassic-aged limestone from the same quarry where Archaeopteryx was first found.  When the finished work is treated with measured concentrations of nitric acid and gum arabic, the greased image chemically alters the stone's surface and renders it receptive to greasy inks, while the ungreased portions of the stone, when kept damp, repell ink. Charged with just the proper amount of ink applied with a roller, the inked image is printed onto individual sheets of paper run through a manually operated printing press.  Each print requires a separate roll-on of ink and a run of the stone through the press.
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  • Carnotaurus

    A Carnotaurus in early Cretaceous Argentina.

    Lithograph on white Arches Cover, 9.875 x 12.375 inches, 1997. Edition of 6.

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A selection of original stone lithographic prints for sale.

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