• Everts Cliffs over Lava Creek
    First doodle (2012?), left on the table to reappear from time to time among piles of things, reminding me to get to this project.
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  • American Lion
    American Lion at Mammoth Hot Springs, below glacier and Bunsen Peak.
    Not For Sale
  • Blacktail Ponds
    Receding glacier at close of the Pinedale revealing what today have become the Blacktail ponds below the southern slopes of Mount Everts, viewed from tiers of Undine Basalt.
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  • Doodle Set 1
    1) Ice below Bunsen Peak
    2) Ice in Yellowstone channel
    3) Ash approaching Bunsen Peak

    4) Sepulcher Mountain above ice
    5) Mount Evert from Sepulcher
    6) Ice Cap and Gardner Canyon
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 2
    1) Ice near Blacktail Creek
    2) Ice below Deckard Flats
    3) Ice in Black Canyon

    4) Hellroaring Glacier
    5) Ice caves
    6) Lake Lamar
    Not For Sale
  • Slough Creek Glacier
    Slough Creek Glacier damming the Lamar River, forming Lake Lamar.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 3
    1) Glacier and Lake Lamar
    2) Post-glacial flood on Deckard
    3) Ice on Golden Gate

    4) Rhyolite spreading on ice
    5) Rhyolite below caldera rim
    6) Mastodon on the Yellowstone
    Not For Sale
  • Glacier below Deckard Flats
    The receding Yellowstone Glacier below Deckard Flats with Bear Creek Hot Springs.
    Not For Sale
  • Ice on Everts
    Ice receding from hogbacks and tarns on Mount Everts.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 4
    1) Ice on Sepulcher spur
    2) Yellowstone Glacier
    3) Ice rounding Dome Mt.

    4) Everts from Gardner Canyon
    5) Merging ice rounding Everts
    6) Gallatin Ice Cap
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 5
    1) Hayden Valley from Washburn
    2) Ice receding from Crater Hills
    3) Eruptions through ice cap

    4) Eruption and ice in caldera
    5) Blacktail cliffs above glacier
    6) Ice front in the Yellowstone
    Not For Sale
  • Drumlins on the Blacktail
    Receding Yellowstone Glacier uncovers drumlins eroded into the Blacktail Deer Plateau above the Yellowstone Valley.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 6
    1) Blacktail Drumlins
    2) Ice covering Mount Everts
    3) Ice below Haystack Butte

    4) Basalt on the Yellowstone
    5) Glacier on Gardiner
    6) Hellroaring Mountain
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 7
    1) Glacier below Deckard
    2) Bunsen and Terrace Mt.
    3) Ice and Junction Butte

    4) Ice above Hellroaring
    5) Meltwater drain channel
    6) Rattlesnake Butte ice lobe
    Not For Sale
  • Yellowstone Melt Drain Channel
    A prominent drain channel of the Yellowstone Glacier near Hellroaring Creek.  Melt water forced to flow along the edge of the receding ice produces entrenched channels that remain as part of the present landscape.
    Not For Sale
  • Yellowstone Glacier on Basement Rock
    Terminal end of the receding Yellowstone Glacier resting in a channel of metamorphic basement rock near Bear Creek.
    Not For Sale
  • Junction Butte beyond Calcite Springs
    Ice fills the Lamar Valley at its confluence with the Yellowstone River, flowing around distant Junction Butte, viewed across a prominent block of basalt above the Yellowstone Canyon at Calcite Springs.
    Not For Sale
  • Yellowstone Glacier in Gorge
    The merged Yellowstone and Hellroaring glaciers flowing around a granite hill that borders a narrow, ice-filled gorge.
    Not For Sale
  • Gardner Canyon Glacier
    Ice flows down the Gardner Canyon toward Mount Everts, to merge with ice in Lava Creek.
    Not For Sale
  • Glacier on Knowles Falls
    The receding Yellowstone Glacier resting on Knowles Falls within the Black Canyon.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 8
    1) Melting glacial front
    2) Ice below Cathedral Rock
    3) Madison Valley ice

    4) Yellowstone Valley glacier
    5) Madison Valley glacier
    6) Lion at Gardner Fault
    Not For Sale
  • Ice above Oxbow Creek
    The Yellowstone Glacier spilling over basalt cliffs above Oxbow Creek.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 9
    1) Catherdral Rock
    2) Blacktail drain channel
    3) Ash pillars and ice

    4) Twin Butte thermals and ice
    5)  Rattlesnake and Turkey Pen
    6) Ice and moraines
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 10
    1) Black Canyon entrance
    2) Ice below Rattlesnake Butte
    3) Bunsen from Everts

    4) Ancient Gardner Valley
    5) Bunsen from Sepulcher
    6) Bunsen from Yellowstone ice
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 11
    1) Craigs above Mammoth
    2) Everts hogbacks, looking NW
    3) Sepulcher spires above ice

    4) Everts from Clagett Butte
    5) Everts buried in ice
    6) Golden Gate glacier
    Not For Sale
  • Sepulcher Spire
    A spire of Eocene volcanic conglomerate on Sepulcher Mountain stands high above a Yellowstone Valley glacier.
    Not For Sale
  • Glacier at Base of Rattlesnake Butte
    A receding glacier rests in the Yellowstone channel below Rattlesnake Butte and Turkey Pen Peak.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 12
    1) Glacier below Sepulcher spur
    2) Caldera refill eruption and ice
    3) Glacier and Rattlesnake Butte

    4) Ice in Yellowstone channel
    5) Eruption beyond Bunsen
    6) Yellowstone ice front
    Not For Sale
  • Ice on Undine Basalt
    A glacier flowing down the Lava Creek Canyon on the flanks of Mount Everts spills over cliffs of basalt.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 13
    1) Ice spans Madison Valley
    2) Slough Creek Glacier
    3) Ice on Yellowstone knob

    4) Lamar Lake breach I
    5) Lamar Lake breach II
    6) Lamar lake breach III
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 14
    1) Lake Lamar breach IV
    2) Lake Lamar breach V
    3) Lake Lamar breach VI

    4) Lake Lamar breach VII
    5) Lamar Valley flood
    6) Glacier below Roosevelt
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 15
    1) Ice edge on Mammoth
    2) Blacktail basalt from Bunsen
    3) Slumping caldera rim

    4) Basalt front against ice
    5) Caldera escarpment
    6) Rhyolite flows in caldera
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 16
    1) Caldera interior
    2) Yellowstone Glacier
    3) Madison Glacier

    4) Bunsen above ice
    5) Ice about Turkey Pen
    6) Flood-stranded ice
    Not For Sale
  • Ice at Head of Madison Canyon
    Receding glacial ice at the head of the Madison Canyon, with vapor rising from southern geyser basins.
    Not For Sale
  • Ice Rounding Mount Everts
    A glacier spilling down Lava Creek passes beneath the southern cliffs of Mount Everts to merge with Gardner Canyon ice.
    Not For Sale
  • Yellowstone Glacier in the Black Canyon
    Impression from a hike, of receding ice in the Yellowstone channel along the River Trail.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 17
    1) Ice below Deckard
    2) Ice on Everts hogbacks

    Ballpoint pen on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 18
    1) Blacktail ice
    2) Gibbon Hill
    3) Ice covers Mt. Everts

    4) Soda Butte Creek
    5) Cutler Lake
    6) Surge glacier above Yankee Jim
    Not For Sale
  • Twin Buttes Thermals
    Vapor from thermal vents on Twin Buttes rises over a lake produced by ground heat that has melted into a decaying ice cap over the Lower Geyser Basin. 

    Ballpoint on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 19
    1) Ice on river bend
    2) Ice on Mount Everts

    Ballpoint pen on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Ice in Ancient Black Canyon
    Surge ice advances down an ancient Black Canyon of the Yellowstone during the early Pinedale.

    Ballpoint on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Glacier Flowing East
    A glacier flowing east down the Shoshone River drainage from Sylvan Pass.
    Not For Sale
  • Ice in Black Canyon
    A tongue of receding ice rests in a gorge within the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone.
    Not For Sale
  • Doosle Set 20
    1) Ice overriding Bunsen
    2) Surge ice on Mammoth

    Ballpoint pen on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Doodle Set 21
    1) Ice front at Bear Creek
    2) Yellowstone Glacier

    Ballpoint pen on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Ice Rounding Mount Everts.
    Cliffs of Mount Everts and ice spilling off the Gallatin Ice Cap appear beyond broken blocks of the Lava Creek Glacier.

    Ballpoint pen on 6x12 inch watercolor paper.
    Not For Sale
  • Surge Glacier
    A surge glacier advances down the Yellowstone Valley at Bear Creek.
    Not For Sale
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Most of these ballpoint pen doodles were done over a year and a half in two 7x8 inch sketchbooks with coffee in the morning, listening to National Public Radio. They come from impressions of visited places, remembered photos and "what if" musing on the nature of fire and ice in the same place over the same geologic era.  Few are at all accurate depictions of the park's landscape, but instead more string-tied-to-finger gestures, as ideas to return to with a little more care.
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